Exam Results

Summer 2016

  • A summer of fantastic results for BlatchSix students – including a 100% pass rate at A*-E, the highest the Sixth Form has achieved in over 16 years.
  • 40% of grades were A*-B.
  • Average vocational grade Distinction+.
  • Excellent progress by students across the ability range and a number of examples of real determination and perseverance shown by students who achieved the grades they required for their next steps.

The A Level exam results for 2016 showed that students had made excellent progress during their time in the Sixth Form. Most notable was the A*-E pass rate of 96%. The average grade achieved by students was a D+. The average grade was exceptional for our vocational courses, with an average of Distinction+, the very highest possible. Overall 67% of grades were between A*-C. Small class sizes meant that students made good progress from their AS results, with girls performing particularly well.

Headteacher Ashley Harrold was quick to praise students and staff “There are so many wonderful individual stories in these results. A lot of praise must go to students who have worked hard to secure the grades they needed. These results are also a testament to the expertise and hard work of our superb teachers and the leadership team in BlatchSix. They go the extra mile to ensure students are well prepared. While the results are, in many aspects, the best the college has achieved, there remains much room for improvement, and this is a challenge that we look forward to. Specifically we will be looking to increase the number of students who achieve A*-B grades, and working to ensure that every young person achieves ‘positive value-added’ meaning they outperform national expectations in all subjects.”

BlatchSix is incredibly proud of our high achievers. Lucia Cardelli performed exceptionally at A Level with one A* and four A grades. In addition Leah Chalupt gained two A grades and a Distinction*. Our vocational courses performed stunningly well and the following students gained three Distinction* grades each; Josephine Busharra, Sharmin Choudhury, Deanna Gibbs and Farzana Ullah. A mixed programme of academic and vocational courses often best meets the needs of BlatchSix students and allows them to excel personally and academically. Nicole Watson was a great example of this, with two Distinction* grades as well as one A grade and two B grades across a range of subjects.

Our Year 12 cohort laid down a marker for their performance next year by posting the best AS results in over 10 years. 30% of all grades were A-B, up from 23% the previous year. Overall the pass rate was 81% across all subjects. Many students will now begin Year 13 having already made great progress and will hope to achieve great things over the following year.

BlatchSix is also delighted that students across the city have achieved considerable success. We enjoy excellent working relationships with our partner schools and colleges. In particular, we are looking forward to continued collaboration with Hove Park School to further improve sixth form provision in both schools.

If you are interested in joining and studying at BlatchSix, please feel free to contact us on 01273 221 264 for more information, a tour, or an application pack.

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